Interactive Text Message Surveys

Fast. Scalable. Effective.

Rapid Response Rates

Instant Census customers receive the information they need to better serve their audiences and outperform competition within minutes, not hours or days.

Reliable Results

Instant Census' powerful text message platform is built to help you get results. On average, our customers see 85% survey response rates from their respondents.

Real-Time Data Charts

Your Instant Census admin portal generates real-time data reports automatically so you can track your surveys and results on the fly with no additional work or cost.

Instant Census Screenshots

Simple and Intuitive

Instant Census' platform is effective, robust, and packed with features, and getting started only takes three easy steps:

1.) Build a Survey

The Instant Census survey builder tool allows any user to transform their survey into a customized adaptive study.

Need help developing your survey? Our expert team is always on call to assist with survey design.

Build a Survey

2.) Enroll Participants

Instant Census' user management portal makes it incredibly easy for you to enroll, delete, and edit participant information right from the admin portal interface, or you can choose to allow our concierge service to handle the logistics for you.

Determine a Schedule

3.) Get Your Data

Whether you need regular updates on participant activity or a single report at the end of your study, Instant Census has the tools you need to retrieve and analyze your data. That way, you have more time to spend on what matters most.

Enroll Participants

Customer Success Stories

See what real customers are saying about Instant Census

Lydia Riley - Research Manager, American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Lydia Riley

Research Manager
American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Overall, using Instant Census was a really positive experience and I was really appreciative of all of the support provided throughout the process. The interface was easy to use and worked well.

Janet Kelly - Project Manager, Guidant Group

Janet Kelly

Project Manager
Guidant Group

Instant Census' customer support team is great! They responded immediately to inquiries, even on weekends. My feedback on their product was welcomed and incorporated to ensure a great experience.

Todd Rogers - Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School - Center for Public Leadership

Todd Rogers

Associate Professor of Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School - Center for Public Leadership

Instant Census is a critical tool to our education research. The Instant Census Platform allowed us to study the effects of leveraging students' social networks to support student achievement by sending automated text messages. It allowed us to reach many people with personalized messages that contained timely and actionable information.

Security and Scalability


At Instant Census, we take your data protection and privacy very seriously. Data protection and security policies are rigorously enforced at all times, in all places, so that all of your data remain private and safe.

Serious Security


Instant Census is also designed with scalability in mind. Our platform is built on extensible server architecture and is optimized to perform regardless of whether your respondent population is in the dozens or in the millions.

Robust Scalability

Have additional or specific security or scalability needs?

Our team has the expertise to implement custom features to meet your standards.

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