Communications to keep employees and customers happy

The ability to keep customers and employees happy determines a business' success. That's why waiting hours to days to receive feedback doesn't make sense. Instant Census automated two-way text messaging allows businesses to connect with and gather feedback from customers and employees in seconds to minutes.

Instant Census interacts with customers as if they were holding a text message conversation with a real, live person: Instant Census texts a question, the recipient texts an answer, Instant Census parses the answer and determines how to follow up.

Employee Communications

A business must communicate important information quickly and effectively with employees to maintain proper daily company operations. Business owners may spend hours using ineffective and outdated means of communication or wondering if employees received their messages. By using Instant Census automated two-way text messaging, businesses have the power to communicate with and gather feedback from employees in seconds to minutes.

Businesses use Instant Census to send messages and solicit feedback in a quicker, more advanced mode of communication.

Customer Engagement

Responding to customer inquiries, addressing customer feedback, and handling general customer communications is necessary to keep customers happy. Communications via email, snail mail and phone do not offer solutions or services quick enough to satisfy customers' needs. They also lack the personal experience many customers crave when communication with businesses.

Instant Census offers businesses a quick and effective solution to interact with customers in a personal and professional tone. With the ability to communicate with thousands of customers at once, Instant Census allows businesses to solicit feedback and respond to customer inquiries in seconds.

Tap Into The Power Of Text Messaging

50% message response rate in 1.5 minutes

Almost 90% of Americans have unlimited texting

85% message response rate overall

90% of text messages are opened in under 3 minutes

*Using compensated respondents

Why Automated Text Messaging?

Text messaging is the ideal medium for getting brief feedback from and communicating information with customers and employees.



How Do Businesses Use Instant Census?

Instant Census' versatile nature allows for our SMS surveys to be used in a variety of industries for a variety of purposes.

Use Cases

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