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Meet the team behind Instant Census

Benjamin Zagorsky

Benjamin Zagorsky - Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Benjamin does architecture, implementation, and repair for robust, scalable back-end systems. He is also a former Google employee. Benjamin graduated from Harvard with bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science.

Kevin Fan

Kevin Fan - Head of Customer Success

Head of Customer Success

Kevin is an expert on building scalable web applications. He is also a former Amazon employee. Kevin graduated from Harvard with a degree in computer science.

Josh Zagorsky

Josh Zagorsky - Head of Business Development

Head of Business Development

Josh builds Android and iOS apps as well as Python web development. He also handles business development and company finances. Josh graduated from Harvard with a degree in chemistry and physics and a minor in economics.

Chris McCarthy

Chris McCarthy - Head of Product

Head of Product

Chris does front-end web development and UX. Chris graduated from Harvard with degrees in classical languages and literature.

Alvin Siu

Alvin Siu - Head of User Experience

Head of User Experience

Alvin is a web development specialist and UX designer. Alvin graduated from Harvard with a degree in molecular and cellular biology.

Eli Jones

Eli Jones - Head of IT

Head of IT

Eli is a systems and hardware expert. He does sysadmin and application back-end development as well as mobile app development.

Miriam Farkas

Miriam Farkas - Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Miriam is a software engineer specializing in iOS app development and UX design. Formally trained in linguistics with an affinity for cognitive science, she has dabbled in both R and Akkadian (but can speak neither).

Conor Hobert

Conor Hobert - Head of Sales

Head of Sales

Conor leads the company's sales and new business development initiatives. He graduated from The College of Charleston in South Carolina with a degree in Finance.

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