Connect with audiences in seconds

Instant Census' automated text messaging software offers Associations and Membership Organizations a variety of solutions to quickly connect with their membership and audiences. Instant Census has been used by Membership Organizations to conduct text message surveys on experiences at events, run live polling at conferences, and mobilize a large number of organization members.

Reach Large Audiences In Minutes

50% message response rate in 1.5 minutes

Almost 90% of Americans have unlimited texting

85% message response rate overall

90% of text messages are opened in under 3 minutes

*Using compensated respondents

The Benefits Of Text Messaging

Why Automated Text Messaging?

Text messaging is the ideal medium for getting brief feedback from and communicating information with customers and employees.



How Do Associations Use Instant Census?

Instant Census' versatile nature allows for our SMS surveys to be used in a variety of industries for a variety of purposes.

Use Cases

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