Serious Security

Your data security is our highest priority.

Firewall-Protected with 2048-bit RSA Encryption

We store all of your Instant Census data, including survey structures, schedules, respondent information, sent/received text messages, and performance metrics in firewall-protected servers. These servers are only accessed only through SSL-encrypted connections using 2048 bit RSA encryption. Engineering access to these servers are also restricted to authorized employees. This means your data is safe from hackers and prying, and you can rest easy that only you and the people you authorize can retrieve the data.

Dedicated Servers for Your Data Only

To compartmentalize security and minimize the risk of improper access, each Instant Census deployment is allocated its own dedicated servers. This means that your data is offered the highest level of protection from unauthorized entry, and your deployment has its own unique security protocol separate from Instant Census deployments.

Customized Security

Have additional/specific security needs? Our team has the expertise to implement custom features to meet your standards.

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