Instant Census makes survey research simple

Waiting hours to days to receive survey results just doesn’t make sense. Instant Census automated SMS surveys allow researchers to connect with and gather feedback from survey respondents in seconds to minutes.

Instant Census interacts with research subjects as if they were holding a text message conversation with a real, live person: Instant Census texts a question, the respondent texts an answer, Instant Census parses the answer and determines how to follow up.

More Responses In Less Time

Using uncompensated subjects, Instant Census on average sees:

40% - 50% response rate

Using compensated subjects, Instant Census sees:

50% response rate in 1.5 minutes

85% response rate overall

Why Automated Text Messaging?

Text messaging is the ideal medium for getting brief feedback from and communicating information with customers and employees.



How Do Researchers Use Instant Census?

Instant Census’ versatile nature allows for our SMS surveys to be used by researchers for a variety of purposes.

Instant Census is used by

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