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Buzzwords: What To Expect For 2016

By Elyse Desmarais on January 18, 2016

2016 Market Research Buzzwords

With every new year, brings a new set of “buzzwords.” Not only in pop culture, but for a variety of businesses and industries. These words point to up and coming trends and areas of focus, which can be very helpful when determining what new technology and processes businesses should employ to stay ahead of the curve.

Research-Live has identified what buzzwords they think 2016 will bring to the world of research and what trends and technology will unfold due to their popularity.

1. Deep Learning

Frank Hedler, Director of Advanced Analytics at Simpson Carpenter explains the term, used in artificial intelligence research, describes “a new family of machine-learning algorithms based on neural networks. Their architecture and design enables them to learn abstract, not just specific features.” For example, image recognition and natural language processing are two areas that are being transformed by these “deep learning algorithms.”

2. Real-time

Virginia Monk, Managing Director at Network Research says while technology capable of providing real-time dats exists, “it’s a case of clients finding the correct focus/application for generating in-the-moment insights from their customers.”

3. Agile

Andrew Wiseman, Managing Director at ICM Limited explains the term has “come out of the software development world and is now being used in research as an excuse for work that is unplanned.” In other words, a term to describe a strategic element that is now necessary in the development world.

4. Wearables

Richard Wareing, CEO and Co-Founder at says wearables will make a bigger impression in 2016. He explains that, “Technology is nearly at the stage where wearables can be of real value to people rather than just early adopters who view them as an expensive novelty.”

5. Integration

Andy Brown, CEO at Kantar Media believes integration will make a bigger splash in 2016. Brown explains that “in terms of links to build a measurement solution,” integration will become increasingly important for researchers.

6. Internet of Things

David Day, President and Global CEO at Lightspeed GMI argues while the term “Internet of Things” has been around in technology circles, “it will become a more commonly used term for marketers as we start to explore how we can use data from the vast range of devices which are now being hooked up to the internet to create news insights and opportunities for clients.”


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