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High Point University's Survey Research Center Uses Instant Census For Text Message Study

By Elyse Desmarais on May 25, 2016

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In the Fall of 2015, High Point University’s Associate Director of the Survey Research Center, Brian McDonald, used Instant Census for a text message research study on “Mobile and Real-Time Data Collection.” By conducting two SMS survey studies simultaneously, McDonald explored panel recruitment via SMS, SMS survey response times, and tracked ancillary data using SMS.

McDonald presented his study findings during an International Field Directors and Technology Conference (IFDTC) panel discussion in Austin, Texas. The panel presentation, he notes, was

“…composed of survey research experts showcasing their own work. Attending the IFDTC conference to highlight the work conducted through the Survey Research Center was the perfect platform to present this preliminary research.”

Click here to view McDonald’s complete study results or here to view High Point University’s article on the research.

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