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Wednesday Roundup: Our Favorite Reads This Week

By Elyse Desmarais on August 19, 2015

Wednesday Roundup

Here’s the roundup of our favorite survey and research related posts out there this week. Enjoy!

AdWeek: Infographic: How Mobile Use Varies Across Generations

"While mobile usage increases from generation to generation, there are stark differences when it comes to how the different age groups interact with devices." Read more…

Nielsen Newswire: Nothing is Too Good for Fido: Pets That Have it All

"How do you define family? If you’re a pet owner, you’re likely to use the term “family” to include more than just blood relatives in your own species. In fact, people treat their furry and feathered companions more like family members than ever, pampering them with treats, gifts, toys—even home-cooked meals." Read More…

MRA: Challenges Grow for TCPA Class Action Defendants

"A couple of recent court cases indicate more challenges ahead for telephone researchers who get socked with TCPA class action lawsuits: It isn’t as easy as you think to dismiss a frivolous TCPA class action." Read more…

WSJ Blog: 17 Countries Where Women Are the Majority of Wage-Earners

"From Antigua to Israel to Moldova, women make up 51 percent or more of the non-farm workforce in 17 countries around the world, according to a new analysis by thePopulation Reference Bureau, a nonprofit organization that analyzes and disseminates demographic data. Are we on the cusp of a global matriarchy?" Read more…


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