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Wednesday Roundup: Our Favorite Reads This Week

By Elyse Desmarais on September 2, 2015

Wednesday Roundup

Here’s the roundup of our favorite survey and research related posts out there this week. Enjoy!

AdAge: How To Use Mobile Messaging To Engage With Customers

"We’re in the era of messaging. This technology offers greater accessibility, deeper connections and wider reach with consumers than many other marketing platforms today. It’s the latter benefit that’s most exciting – being able to reach people outside of marketers’ immediate networks. From snail mail to Snapchat, the primary goal of messaging has always been to connect with people we know, but now that’s changing." Read more…

Marketing Land: MTV VMAs Set Record For Most Tweeted US TV Show (Excluding Sports)

"Fueled by a Kayne West filibuster, Miley Cyrus’ exhibitionism, Nicki Minaj ripping into Miley, Justin Bieber rising from the stage like a religious savior, and a whole lot of profanity-fueled spectacle, the MTV Video Music Awards set Twitter aflame over the weekend. And when the flames died down — or did they? — the VMAs had set a record for tweets about a TV show." Read more…

Stuff: A Nap A Day Could Save Your Life, Research Suggests

"It is the news that nap aficionados have been waiting for. A midday snooze not only has the power to revive - it could reduce blood pressure and prevent a future heart attack too. Research involving around 400 middle-aged men and women found that those who had a nap at noon had lower blood pressure later on than those who stayed awake through the day." Read more…

LifeHacker: Research Tool Demonstrates How Your Facebook Likes Reveal Your Personality

"Facebook is full of tools that claim to tell you about your personality. Obviously, most of them are crap. However, the University of Cambridge has created one that analyzes your Facebook likes to reveal the kind of demographic information the company can learn about you." Read more…


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